Boston Public Library 2014

To celebrate the arrival of 2014, the city of Boston hired Zebbler Studios to video map the Boston Public Library.

Video projections, along with a custom made soundtrack, took the audience on a historical visual ride, from the city’s founding to the present moment, utilizing architectural video mapping techniques and abstract visual storytelling. The projections provided a unique midnight countdown experience to the festive crowds, as well as a scenic backdrop for mayor Menino’s farewell New Year’s parade.

zs3 architectural video mapping / 3d animation / sound design / fabrication

The video shown below is the full 10 minute headliner mapping presentation which was aligned with and projected onto the Copley Square facade of the landmark Boston Public Library building.

Boston Public Library 2014 NYE video mapping project was commissioned by First Night and the City of Boston.

Video mapping project execution by Zebbler Studios team:
• Creative direction and project management by Zebbler
• Concept and storyboard by Zebbler, Devon Bryant and Ktron with assistance of the ZS animation team and the city of Boston
• Animation by Devon Bryant, Tato Herrero, Ofer Zmora, Ian Chris Keller, Philip Gedarovich, Brody Froelich, Tim Mearini and Zebbler
• Music, effects and audio composition by Ben Cantil (Encanti) with additional music by Vanessa Garde, Maeve Gilchrist, and Ricardo Curto.
• Mapping engineer: Devon Bryant
• Production assistants: Andy Buns, Andy Sylvester, Drendan Orion
• 3d template modeling: Ian Chris Keller
• CAD design: Jacob Fenwick and Doug Ruuska
• CNC Library sculptural modeling by Jacob Fenwick
• CNC management assitance: James Arthur
• Additional assistance by Bill Griffith, Joe Stcroix, Mat Welch

Projector rental and installation: Zasco Productions, LLC
Initial concept: Priscilla
Initial concept advancement: Romanelli Media and Mihai Dinulescu
First Night liaison: Carrie Gesteland
First Night production manager: Peter Garland


New England Cable News report:

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Sinovision report:

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